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Model Acute: AE-BF6264B:
BusFinder: 2 in 1 Analyzer (Protocol & Logic) - 4GHz - 64 Channels - Advanced Bus Protocols

Protocol Analyzer: eMMC 5.1, NAND Flash, SD 3.0, SD 4.0 (UHS-II)

  • Real-time data display, post-capture waveforms (SD 4.0 N/A)
  • Trigger for commands or data
  • Different active probes for easier connections and better measurement quality
  • Filter data to save more commands
  • Hide data for easy reading
  • Search data for quick finding
  • Statistics for commands and data
  • Two voltage detects to find design bugs from voltage drop
  • Use PC hard disk to save long time data

Logic Analyzer: eMMC 5.1, NAND Flash, SD 3.0, Serial Flash (SPI NAND), SPI

  • 4GHz timing analysis
  • 8-state flow chart bus triggers
  • Bus decodes with waveforms
  • Stacks with a DSO to form as an MSO

Available Options (please ask for price information):

  • eMMC 5.1
  • NAND Flash
  • SD 3.0
  • SD 4.0

Either SD4.0 or SD3.0 can be used together with the NAND Flash. Other options can be fitted using another slot of the LA.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Acute AE-BF6264B BusFinder
  • 2x 34-channels LA probes:
    • LA08-tip x2
    • LA09-tip x2
    • Flying lead cable (LA) x4
  • 80x LA grippers
  • Software USB Drive
  • Adapter & Power Cable
  • Instrument Bag


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Acute AE-BF6264B BusFinder
Acute AE-BF6264B BusFinder SW
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