4,00 KG

2.560,00 (2.285,71)

Model GW Instek GW-AFG-3081:
Arbitrary Function Generator - 80 MHz
- 1 Channel - AM/FM/PWM/FSK/Sweep/Burst

  • Wide frequency range from 1uHz to 80MHz
  • High 200MSa/s sampling rate
  • 16-bit Amplitude Resolution
  • Output from any section of 1M-point-long waveform
  • 4.3" high resolution LCD display/on-screen help/Impedance switch
  • Four ways to generate arbitrary waveform: Front Panel Operation
  • CSV file uploading, Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR), Arbitrary
  • Waveform Editing PC Software
  • USB, RS-232, GPIB interface support

The GW Instek GW-AFG-3000 Series is arbitrary waveform generator designed for industrial, scientific research and educational applications. The series comes in bandwidths of 80MHz (AFG-3081) and 50MHz (AFG-3051) with built-in multiple standard waveforms to meet users' diversified needs.

The GW Instek GW-AFG-3000 Series also provides a high 16 bit resolution, 200MSa/s sample rate and a 1M memory depth for editing arbitrary waveforms directly through the intuitive user interface. The Direct Waveform Reconstruction (DWR) function enables users to directly import waveforms from a GDS-2000 Series oscilloscope to the AFG-3000 via USB host, allowing users to edit waveforms and enhance measurement efficiency.

In addition, the GW Instek GW-AFG-3000 Series has switchable 50 Ohm and Hi-Z Impedances, built-in On-Screen Help for operation conveniently. Complete parameter settings and waveform can be displayed through 4.3-inch high-resolution TFT LCD. Through USB, RS-232, and GPIB, user can use dedicated PC software or IEEE488.2 commands to edit waveforms.

Scope of Delivery: 

  • GW Instek GW-AFG-3081 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Power Cord
  • GW-GTL-110: Test Lead
  • Manual
  • Calibration Certificate

GW Instek

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GW Instek GW-AFG-3081 Arbitrary Function Generator
GW Instek GW-AFG-3081 Arbitrary Function Generator
GW Instek GW-AFG-3081 Arbitrary Function Generator
GW Instek GW-AFG-3081 Arbitrary Function Generator
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