699,00 (624,11)

Model GW Instek: GW-GKT-008:
EMI Near Field Probe Kit - For GW-GSP-Series

The GW Instek GW-GKT-008 probe has a high sensitivity to quickly analyze a source of noise. The probe can be used with the dedicated EMI Pretest function on the GW Instek GW-GSP-9300 spectrum analyzer. When used with the default preamplifier function, the sensitivity of the EMI probe can be significantly enhanced to distinguish subtle noise. Typically the design of near field ring probes cause measurement results to vary greatly when using the probes in a horizontal or vertical orientation. This often leads to incorrectly diagnosing a sour ce of noise and therefore nullifying any corrective action. The special structure of the GW Instek GW-GKT-008 is designed to reduce the differences between the vertical and horizontal measurements, allowing noise to be measured accurately and effectively regardless of whether results are obtained in a horizontal or vertical position.

Please check also the Solve EMI Issues in NO TIME Appication Note for further information.

Scope of Delivery:

  • ADP-002: Adaptor SMA(J/F) to N(P/M) 1x
  • GTL-303: RF Cable SMA(P/M) to SMA(P/M) x1
  • PR-01: AC Voltage Probe x1
  • PR-02: Touch Passive RF Probe x1
  • ANT-04: H-field Probe x1
  • ANT-05: H-field Probe x1

GW Instek

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GW Instek GW-GKT-008 EMI Near Field Probe Set
€ 1.398,00
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