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Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX1110
100MS/s Single Channel DDS Function Generator/AWG PXI Card

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator modes
  • Direct Digital Synthesis modes
  • 100 MS/s sample rate per channel
  • 12-bit vertical resolution
  • 2 M sample memory
  • PLL clock generator for AWG mode
  • 3U, single slot module

The Marvin Test MV-GX1110 is a high performance, single-channel PXI arbitrary waveform generator that offers function generator and arbitrary waveform generator functionality within one instrument. Built-in waveforms are available for use with both the DDS or AWG modes of operation and include Sine, Triangle, Ramp, Noise, Gaussian pulse and Sinx / x. A flexible sequencer is also available as part of the AWG's architecture, supporting the generation of complex waveforms.


With a sample rate of 100 MS/s, the GX1110 is an ideal modulation source for troubleshooting encoding schemes as well as simulating signal distortion, power line cycle dropouts, video signals, components failures and power supply transients.

The Marvin Test MV-GX1110 comes standard with 2 M samples of waveform memory, accessible via a high speed interface.


The MV-GX1110 provides an external trigger input, offering users the ability to control waveform generation via external trigger events. When operating in the AWG mode, waveform trigger modes include continuous, triggered, gated hold, and burst functionality.

Sample Clock

The Marvin Test MV-GX1110 utilizes a PLL, providing a programmable sample clock for the AWG mode of operation. The reference clock is provided by an on-board crystal oscillator, or alternately, an external 10 MHz reference can be used. When operating in the DDS mode, an on-board crystal oscillator source provides a 100 MHz clock source for the DDS generator and associated D to A converter.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Marvin Test Solutions MV-GX1110: Single Channel DDS Function Generator/AWG PXI Card
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Calibration

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Marvin Test MV-GX1110 DDS / Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator PXI Card
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