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Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX6196
96 Channel DPST Relay and Control PXI Carrier Card

  • PXI relay and control card for user defined applications
  • 96, 2 pole, form A relays
  • Parallel and serial digital control interfaces
  • All resources interface to a user defined mezzanine board
  • 6U, single slot, PXI Instrument

The Marvin Test MV-GX6196 is a 6U PXI switch and control board that can be used to create custom switching, signal conditioning, or specific UUT control interfaces. The board provides 96, 2 pole, form A relays, 8 digital I/O lines, and a serial digital interface. All of these resources are available via (5) inter-board connectors which interface to the user defined daughter / mezzanine board. The mezzanine board provides all connections to the unit under test (UUT) via two 78 pin D-sub connectors. The MV-GX6196 is supplied with a front panel which accepts (2) 78 pin D-sub connectors.


The MV-GX6196 features 96 DPST relays which can be individually controlled via the PXI bus and interface via four interboard connectors to a mezzanine board assembly (user suppllied). In addition, there are eight digital LVTTL I/O control lines and a serial bus interface which are accessed via an additional board to board connector. Control for all of these digtial interfaces is also supported via the PXI bus, providing control for circuitry located on the user defined mezzanine board.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Marvin Test Solutions MV-GX6196: 96 Channel DPST Relay and Control PXI Carrier Card
  • Manual

Marvin Test Solutions

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Marvin Test MV-GX6196 96 Channel DPST Relay and Control PXI Carrier Card
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