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Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX6256
GENASYS LF Multiplexer / Matrix Switch Card, 256 x 16 x 16

  • General purpose matrix / multiplexer GENASYS switch card, compatible with GENASYS switching subsystem (MV-GX7016/MV-GX7017)
  • Extended 6U design offers a "cable-less" test system interface
  • High performance, hybrid pin architecture for digital and analog test
  • 2-wire bus supports source / measure functionality within a mux group

A component of the GENASYS switching subsystem, the Marvin Test MV-GX6256 switch card is one of several different switch cards which can be installed in the MV-GX7016 chassis. The MV-GX7016 switching subsystem offers a new level of high performance, high density switching for board and system level functional test. Based on the 6U PXI architecture, the MV-GX7016 incorporates a modular switch matrix and multiplexer architecture which supports up to 4608 multiplexed, hybrid I/O pins. Up to 128 external resources can be connected to any of the test system’s receiver I/O pins via a high performance, internal 16 wire matrix bus. For digital test capability, the MV-GX7016’s switching subsystem can be connected to a digital subsystem such as Marvin Test Solutions’ MV-GX5960 digital subsystem, providing hybrid pin capability for each multiplexed I/O pin. Up to 288 digital channels are supported by the switching subsystem. The MV-GX7016 chassis incorporates the MAC Panel 6U SCOUT receiver with each switch card providing a “cable-less” connection to the receiver connectors - eliminating the need for cable harnesses and the associated reliability issues that come with cabled solutions. The result is a system interconnect design that is cost effective, reliable, and maintainable.


The Marvin Test MV-GX6256 provides signal routing from the MV-GX7016's internal backplane to the receiver interface as well as providing an alternate, high bandwidth connection for digital resources. The MV-GX6256 MultiMatrix™ switch card is an extended 6U PXI module with direct connection to the receiver interface. The module combines a 16x16 matrix with (16) 2:16 multiplexers. The result is a switch card that can support up to 256 multiplexed signals from the 16 wire bus. Additionally, a secondary bus is included, providing the ability to route (2) resources to each group of 16 I/O pins within a mux group. The MV-GX6256 also supports the ability to select an analog or digital resource (MV-GX5960 digital subsystem) for each of the 16 inputs / outputs.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Marvin Test Solutions MV-GX6256: GENASYS High Frequency Multiplexer / Matrix Switch Card, 192 x 16 x 16
  • Manual

Marvin Test Solutions

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Marvin Test MV-GX6256 GENASYS LF Multiplexer / Matrix Switch Card, 256 x 16 x 16
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