Transcom / Proline

Transcom / Proline

Transcom Instruments, focuses on RF Test & Measurement equipment in the fields of wireless communications and microwave. Since formation in 1999, Transcom has developed a number of Test & Measurement instruments and has gained the ownership of several Intellectual Properties of its core technologies. Transcom is becoming the leading edge Test & Measurement instruments and solutions provider for the industry. Transcom is aggressively expanding its reach to different parts of the world. Their quality management and metrology systems are the key system to their high reliability and performance. Transcom Instruments offers a variety of Vector Network Analyzers ( VNAs ), to suit various applications.


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Analyseur de réseau vectoriel portable 300 kHz...3 GHz

€ 5.472,00 (₤ 4.800,00)
Portable Vektor Netzwerkanalysator - 300 kHz...1.3 GHz

€ 5.752,00 (₤ 5.045,61)
Benchtop Vektor Netzwerkanalysator - 300 kHz...3 GHz

€ 12.627,00 (₤ 11.076,31)
Portable Vektor Netzwerkanalysator - 300 kHz...3 GHz

€ 13.287,00 (₤ 11.655,26)
Benchtop Vektor Netzwerkanalysator - 300 kHz...8 GHz

€ 21.045,00 (₤ 18.460,52)
Portable Vektor Netzwerkanalysator - 300 kHz...8 GHz

€ 22.154,00 (₤ 19.433,33)
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