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Model VX Instruments VX-PXD8214
PXI High Performance Digitizer - 1GSa/s - 12bit - 2 Channels - up to 120Vpp - Floating Inputs

  • 1GS/sec. with 12 Bit resolution
  • High input voltage range up to 120Vpp
  • Fully isolated design with up to 2 independent channels
  • Multiple instrument and channel synchronization possibilities
  • Built-in DVM function for high precision measurement

The VX Instruments VX-PXD821x High Performance Digitizer-Family features up to two 1GS/s simultaneously sampled input channels with 12-bit resolution, input voltages up to ±60V and a bandwidth up to 125MHz. Every digitizer channel has its own memory which allows up to 50k samples. All VX-PXD821x High Performance Digitizer-Family devices have a high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR). The digitizers of the VX Instruments VX-PXD821x family are designed for high throughput testing. This design guarantees highest quality measurements and is ideal for a wide range of application areas in-cluding automotive, communications, scientific applications, military/aerospace and consumer electronics. The single channel-device VX-PXD8213 High Voltage Waveform Digitizer uses only 1 PXI slot (3U). The dual-channel device VX-PXD8214 High Voltage Waveform Digitizer needs 2 PXI slots (3U).

Scope of Delivery:

  • VX Instruments VX-PXD8214: High Performance Digitizer
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Calibration

VX Instruments

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VX Instruments VX-PXD8214 High Performance Digitizer
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