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  • AR-3240
Associated Research AR-3240 HYAMP  ® Ground Bond Tester AC/DC Our new HYAMP ®... mehr
Produktinformationen "AR-3240 HYAMP"

Associated Research AR-3240 HYAMP ® Ground Bond Tester AC/DC

Our new HYAMP ® Series provides manufacturers with data-driven results and greater test flexibility required in today’s complex test environment. Quickly collect test data and test settings from the convenient front panel USB port onto a standard USB flash drive. Use the front panel barcode connection to associate products with preprogrammed test files. Test with greater flexibility by performing either AC Ground Bond or DC Ground Bond at a maximum of 40 A of current. The new HYAMP  ®   features a drastically reduced weight and footprint making it the ideal lightweight Ground Bond solution for laboratory and production line testing applications. Easily interconnect with the Hypot  ®   Series to form a complete safety compliance system.

Test Capabilities:

AC/DC Ground Bond

  • Output Voltage 3-8V AC/DC
  • Output Current 1-40A
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, DC

Safety & Productivity Features

  • PLC Remote Control
  • Safety Interlock
  • Data Transfer (USB)
  • Multible Languages User Interface
  • Ground Bond Voltage Drop
  • Fail Check
  • Calibration Alert
  • 4 Wire Measurement
  • Interconnection to HYPOT
  • On Board Data Storage 1500Tests

Scope of delivery

  • Associated Research AR-3240 HYAMP
  • High Current Output Cable
  • High Current Return Cable
  • Fuse
  • USB Cable
  • Line Cord
  • Adapter Box
  • Interlock Disable Key


  • Opt-14:         HA3 Mode
  • Opt-15:         PLC Ready Output
  • Opt-17:         Continuous Output


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