GW-PSW800-1.44 Power Supply

GW-PSW800-1.44 Power Supply
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  • GW-PSW800-1.44
  • GW Instek
Model GW Instek GW-PSW 800-1.44 Power Supply - DC - Switching - Multi-Range - Programmable -... mehr
Produktinformationen "GW-PSW800-1.44 Power Supply"

Model GW Instek GW-PSW 800-1.44
Power Supply - DC - Switching - Multi-Range - Programmable - 0...800V - 0...1.44A - 360W

  • Voltage Rating: 800V
  • Output Power Rating: 360W
  • Constant Power Output for Multiple Range (V&I) Operation
  • CV/CC Priority; Particularly Suitable for the Battery and LED Industry
  • Adjustable Slew Rate
  • Parallel Operation: Up to 3 units
  • High Efficiency and High Power Density
  • 1/2, 1/3, 1/6 Rack Mount Size Design (EIA/JIS Standard)
  • Standard Interface: LAN, USB, Analog Control Interface
  • LabView Driver

The GW Instek GW-PSW-Series is a single-output multi-range programmable switching DC Power Supply covering a power range up to 1080W. This series of products include fifteen models with the combination of 30V, 80V, 160V, 250V, and 800V rated voltages and 360W, 720W and 1080W maximum output powers. The multi-range feature allows the flexible and efficient configuration of voltage and current within the rated power range. As the GW-PSW-Series can be connected in parallel for maximum 3 units, the capability of connecting multiple PSW units for higher voltage or higher current output provides a broad coverage of applications. With the flexibility of multi-range power utilization and parallel connection, the GW-PSW-Series significantly reduces the user’s investment for various power supply products to accommodate the projects with different power requirements.

The CV/CC priority selection of the GW Instek GW-PSW 800-1.44 is a very useful feature for DUT protection. The conventional power supply normally operates under CV mode when the power output is turned on. This could bring a high inrush current to the capacitive load or current-intensive load at the power output-on stage. Taking the I-V curve verification of LED as an example, it becomes a very challenging task to perform this measurement using a conventional power supply. With LED connected to a power supply under CV mode as the initial setting, when the power output is turned on and the voltage rises to the LED forward voltage, the current will suddenly peak up and exceed the preset value of current limit. Upon detecting this high current, the power supply starts the transition from CV mode to CC mode. Though the current becomes stable after the CC mode is activated, the current spike occurred at the CV and CC crossover point may possibly damage the DUT. At the power output-on stage, the GW-PSW 800-1.44 is able to run under CC priority to limit the current spike occurred at the threshold voltage and therefore protect DUT from the inrush current damage.

The adjustable slew rate of the GW Instek GW-PSW 800-1.44 allows user to set for either output voltage or output current a specific rise time at the low to high level transition, and a specific fall time at the high to low level transition. This facilitates the characteristic verification of a DUT during voltage or current level changes with controllable slew rates. The manufacturing tests of lighting device or large capacitor during power output-on are mostly associated with the occurrence of high surge current, which can greatly reduce the life time of the DUT. To prevent inrush current from damaging current-intensive devices, a smooth and slow voltage transition during power on-off can significantly reduce the spike current and protect the device from high current damage.

The OVP and OCP are provided with the GW Instek GW-PSW 800-1.44. Both OVP and OCP levels can be selected, with default level set at 110%, of the rated voltage/current of the power supply. When any of the protection level is tripped, the power output will be switched off to protect the DUT. The GW-PSW 800-1.44 provides USB Host/Device and LAN interfaces as standard and GPIB-USB adaptor, RS232-USB as optional. The LabView driver and the Data Logging PC software are supported on all the available interfaces. An analog control/monitoring connector is also available on the rear panel for external control of power On/Off and external monitoring of power output Voltage and Current.

Scope of Delivery:

  • GW Instek GW-PSW 800-1.44 Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • CD-ROM User manual and programming manual
  • GTL-240 USB Cable
  • 1042-SWHV0301 Output terminal cover
  • PSW-008 Basic Accessory Kit
  • 39BT-50900401 High voltage output terminal
  • Calibration Certificate

Available Options (not included):

  • GUG-001 GPIB to USB adapter
  • GUR-001 RS-232 to USB Cable

Optional Accessories (not included):

  • GET-002 Extended terminal
  • PSW-001 Accessory kits for PSW-Series
  • PSW-002 Simple IDC Tool
  • PSW-003 Contact Removal Tool
  • PSW-006 Parallel operation cable for 2 units.
  • PSW-007 Parallel operation cable for 3 units.
  • GRA-410-J Rack mount adapter (JIS)
  • GRA-410-E Rack mount adapter (EIA)
  • GTL-130 Test leads: 2 x red, 2 x black

GW Instek

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