Programmable AC Power Source - 1000W - 150/300VAC - 9.2/4.6A

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  • AM-SP-300VAC1000W
APM Technologies AM-SP-300VAC1000W High Performance Programmable AC Source It is a... mehr
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APM Technologies


High Performance Programmable AC Source

It is a switching mode single-channel output high-precision programmable AC power source, which adopts high speed DSP+CPLD control, high frequency PWM power technology and active PFC design to realize AC/DC stable output. It is featured with high power density, high reliability and high precision, meanwhile it possesses operation interface of touch screen and keys manually. It is able to analog output normal or abnormal input for electrical device to meet test requirements. One source could replace several rectangle source in application. It could output multiple voltage and current combination via panel and monitoring software. It is suitable in more filed. 


  • Large touch color screen, possess complete functions and easy to operate
  • AC+DC mixed or independent output mode for voltage DC offset simulation
  • Capable of setting output slope/phase angle, 0~359.9°
  • Output frequency 15~1200Hz, capable of setting output slope of voltage and frequency
  • High output crest factor could satisfy surge tests requirements
  • Built-in power meter, which is capable of measuring 15 electrical parameters and 40 harmonic measurement. Support for LIST/PULSE/STEP mode, simple time setting and circulation setting, which is suitable for power line disturbance simulation test
  • Built-in dimmer function
  • Built-in maximum power scanning function
  • Multiple current measuring level selection, largely increase accuracy
  • Standard USB data interface, support CSV file waveform import
  • OCP/OVP/OPP/OTP/ Short circuit protection
  • Capable of setting voltage and current output restriction, support for constant current output mode
  • Support 2 units connect in series, 4 units connect in parallel Support 3 phase connect output and available modify three-phase imbalance output
  • Support External control and TTL
  • Two versions to meet different demands
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